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Hello, Happy Thursday. Both an old Walgreens and an old Sports Authority in my neighborhood as well as an empty storefront next to a Walgreens near my work have transformed into. Halloween is extremely upon us, and this week I am bringing you the first of two spooky pieces of music: Camille Saint-Saëns’s Danse macabre in G minor, Op. 40.

A caption for the above image.

Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns (to those asking: yes, it is a power move to have a hyphenated first and last name) was a French composer in the latter half of the nineteenth century. A contemporary of Dvořák, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saëns was considered a deeply traditional composer. His work is rooted much more in the classical and romantic music that came before him and far less in impressionism and the modern classical music that took over the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

In fact, he walked out of the premiere of The Rite Of Spring in 1913 (which, okay, in fairness, this premiere led to one of the most notable classical music riots in history in which many audience members stormed out if not full on fought each other). Either way, I can’t stop laughing at this. It’s a very French thing to have done. He is often regarded as one of the most important French composers of all-time, and he’s certainly one of my favorite. There are a lot of weird and wild anecdotes about C-C S-S (this is the only time I will refer to him as such), many of which I will save for future columns.

Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are: Darkness, Light, Solidity and Colour, Form and Position, Distance and Propinquity, Motion and Rest.

Leonardo da Vinci

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