Bootstrap grids

Since TheAdmin is based on grid system of Bootstrap, it is necessary to read official documentation of grid system.

Row utilities

You have a bunch of classes that can apply to .row and modify its behavior. We use following grid example throughout this section.


Remove the gap between columns, same as .no-gutters.


By default, Bootstrap grid has 30px gap between each column. You can modify this size using .gap-{size} class. Available sizes are: 1 (8px), 2 (16px), 3 (30px), 4 (48px), 5 (64px).

Following example has .gap-2 class.


By default, Bootstrap grid does not have any vertical gap. You can add 30px vertical gap by adding .gap-y to your .row. This class properly works with .gap-{size} classes.

Following example has .gap-y and .gap-2 classes.